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The Investor Forum For Retail Innovation
13 May 2014 | 3.30pm | Soho Hotel, London

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Innovating, validating, accelerating.

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Market validation

Ensuring our clients build products retailers need, want and will buy


Building and validating scalable models for economical client and channel acquisition

Eccomplished – the business accelerator for retail tech

The global retail industry is being re-made with digital innovation at its heart, leading to  a new wave of fast moving retail tech providers.

Many of these new entrants lack the retail access to validate their assumptions and as a result run the risk of building products no one wants or needs.

Eccomplished works exclusively with retail technologists to ensure they are building innovative and disruptive products retailers need and will buy, developing economically viable business models and raising growth capital from investors who understand their business and market.

Eccomplished – innovating, validating, accelerating.

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